Support and advocacy for the IBCLCs of Massachusetts

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Massachusetts Lactation Consultant Association is to support the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLCs) of Massachusetts through building professional recognition, advocating for the advancement of the profession and supporting the professional needs of the members.

News for You

Master Class with Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC
Tuesday May 1, 2018 8 am – 4 pm.
Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford.

Registration is limited to 50 people.
We’ll have problem solving with real mombaby dyads in the afternoon.


Looking for an IBCLC?  Click here for the USLCA directory to find an IBCLC in your zip code. These are IBCLCs who offer home visits, private office visits, breastfeeding clinics, pump rentals and related sales.  

Become a member of MLCA!  Send us an email, come to our meetings.Your time and talents will be appreciated. Together, we can advance lactation support for all families.
Click here to send an email. 

Here’s some of what we’re working on:
Project Licensure   Licensure for IBCLCs in Massachusetts

Lending Library for aspiring IBCLCs and those who are recertifying. We’d like to develop more scholarship and mentoring programs.

Meetings and conferences: You can host a meeting.  Have an idea for an event?
Keep in touch!. We are glad to hear from you.